Press release writing

According to the type of enterprise, target market, product features, etc., it matches local and foreign first-line media writers, excavates news points in line with local reading habits, makes it eas

Press release writing

With the continuous popularization of Internet in people's life, the distance between news and the public is getting closer and closer. At the same time, press release marketing also emerged. Press release marketing captures the key points of things in this process, brings orderly publicity for enterprises, guides consumption concepts, creates good opportunities for enterprise development, and strives for perfection on this basis.

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Six tactics for press release writing

  • Turn virtual into real; In short, it is to engineer a "soft landing" for deadpan "hard news".
  • See a little; Be good at making seemingly insignificant "small things" become "big things" through planning.
  • Think before and after; He is good at making the "ongoing" news that is happening become a "chain" that comes from yesterday and affects tomorrow through planning.
  • From the outside to the inside; Let the phenomenon news floating on the surface become interesting in-depth news through planning.
  • To the west of the east road; We should be good at using reverse thinking and change the news Angle through planning, so that regular news has a special perspective.
  • Make something out of nothing; In the operation of news gathering and editing, we should be good at consciously building an information communication platform under a relatively important news background, so as to make this "nothing born" platform derive more news information concerned by the audience.

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Client Stories

Dongpeng special Drink

Over the years, Dongpeng Special Drink has told our stories to the domestic media and audiences through the platform of Zhaomitong, so that the domestic audiences have a wide understanding of our corporate dynamics. Dongpeng Special Beverage is a young enterprise, the future is still exploring more possibilities. Thanks for the rapid response and accurate service of the Asomtek team. We look forward to a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future.

—— Dongpeng special Drink

As an international dairy company with global sales. According to the needs of the operator, Zhaowen continues to provide relevant Kols, models, artists and other users who meet the requirements to insert advertisements in the video for brand communication.At the same time responsible for the implementation of the talent and details.

—— Ausnutria
Siamese royal latex

Provide model real trial experience for Siamese royal latex, household and living products. Through its vast resource base, Zhawen has provided clients with more than 500 models of all types that meet their requirements. At the same time, we communicate with models to obtain the right to use portraits, so as to provide guarantee for customers to use materials in series marketing.

—— Siamese royal latex