Cheese is up, fresh cheese is on the market, and Sikki is committed to creating a new benchmark for domestic cheese products - Press Release


2024-02-18 14:07

Baileyao 2024 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year gift box, accompanied by Chinese New Year gifts


2024-02-02 17:43

From inheritance, focus, and pursuit of the ultimate, Hujihua will root "only peanut oil" in consumers' hearts


2024-01-31 11:13

Plateau tomatoes "live" well, "drink" is also good, "transparent factory" "red fruit fruit" has childhood taste

Guangzhou, December 06, 2022 -- On October 28, more than 400 greenhouses in the Plateau modern Agriculture Industrial Park in Luhuo County, located in Shrimp Latuo town, Luhuo County, Ganzi Prefecture, looked like rows of "transparent factories", with scattered red and yellow tomatoes hanging on the branches and workers surrounded by green vines

2022-12-06 14:11

"National grain and oil, blessing Asian Games", COfCO Fulinmen hand in hand with Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

/ Aswentong/Guangzhou, November 24, 2022 -- On November 23, 2022, the "National Grain and Oil Blessing Asian Games" Hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games official designated edible oil release ceremony was held, CoFco Fulimen officially became the Hangzhou Asian Games official supplier of edible oil.

2022-11-24 15:16

Holliyou to sugar and wine meeting, a number of new product interpretation of the "heart" idea

Guangzhou, November 14, 2022 - From November 10 to 12, the 106th National Sugar and Wine Fair, which gathered famous enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions, was successfully held in Chengdu, sending confidence and strength to the industry to overcome the shock of consumption. Famous food enterprise Hao Liyou again

2022-11-14 14:11

Frost's descent do not forget health, Yonghe soymilk with you through the late autumn

Guangzhou, October 24, 2022 -- Frost's Descent is the last solar term of autumn. During this period,

2022-10-24 14:23

Jiuya's 20th anniversary: Brand strategy helps revitalize the enterprise

Guangzhou, October 18, 2022 -- Brand strategy plays an important role in the good development of an enterprise, and this is especially true in the food retail industry. Strong product strength and brand strategy complement each other, and jointly achieve the improvement of brand value. 2022 is a famous leisure brine

2022-10-18 17:46

Special times fresh oysters on the Beijing Satellite TV local food attracted attention

Guangzhou, October 17, 2022 -- On October 15, Tebi Fresh oysters were once again favored by Beijing Satellite TV's "Warm Taste", appearing on behalf of Rushan Oysters. In the program, Cui Kun, head of North China region of Special Times Fresh, first introduced the geography and culture of Rushan, his hometown.

2022-10-17 17:42

Yonghe soymilk condensed brand strength, enabling the rapid development of soymilk powder business

Guangzhou, October 11, 2022 -- The soybean milk market is changing rapidly, calling for the power of brands. In a market full of beautiful things, consumers will pay more attention to the choice of brands in order to make a more efficient choice. The power of a brand lies in the quality, reputation and price it represents

2022-10-11 17:38

"Jiangxi Camellia oil" strong login CCTV, to create high-end camellia oil famous brand

Guangzhou, October 10, 2022 -- A high-end edible oil public brand advertisement of "Jiangxi Camellia Oil" launched by Jiangxi Provincial Forestry Bureau under the guidance of Jiangxi Provincial Oil and Tea Industry Association was released on China Central Television (CCTV) and aired during the weather forecast period of the news column "The First Time" on CCTV-2 financial channel

2022-10-10 14:06

Danish Blue jar cookies released a new "Danish classic scenic spots series" refresh new encounter with Danish style

/ Morning News/September 23, 2022 Guangzhou -- Recently, Blue Jar Cookies, a global boutique cookie brand, launched a new "Danish Classic attractions Series". Three new packages depict the three landmark attractions in Denmark respectively, so that consumers can taste the classic Danish cookies and feel the brand at the same time

2022-09-23 11:41

Help the fastest 4 hours of hairy crabs across the city delivery, SF Express in collaboration with the city to provide "special express" service

/ The Morning News/Guangzhou, September 22, 2022 -- The autumn wind is blowing and crab feet itch. In the season of yellow crab fat, many diners can't help but have a taste of it. Among the many hairy crab varieties, Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is the most famous. It can be called the king of crabs and the most delicious crab in the world. It's not just textbook

2022-09-22 14:10

Yonghe soy milk powder focus on good quality, protect diet health!

Guangzhou, August 31, 2022 -- In the food industry, consumers care about two important factors when choosing a brand: one is taste, and the other is health and safety. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and health awareness, "healthy food" changed

2022-09-22 14:07

Crab Crab, good crab with you all the way

/ The Morning News/Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Keeping a good crab comes from being focused. A good brand is like a hairy crab. Every moult of its shell is growth, which needs to be treated seriously and checked at various levels. The first key: the source - grasp the good quality of crab seedlings good varieties and genes are able to crab seedlings

2022-09-22 14:06

Bee Share Home global brand study tour plan into Shengmu organic deep strategic cooperation to help super popular activities

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- On August 28, the Beichenhome global Brand study Tour program entered Shengmu Airport. More than 30 representatives of excellent leaders gathered in Ulan Buhe Desert Oasis to trace how a cup of good organic milk goes from pasture to table in the golden milk source industrial belt at 40 degrees north latitude.

2022-09-22 14:06

The first stop of Remy Martin's pop-up experience store "Yi Xiang Special Train" arrived in Magic City

The Morning News/Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Remy Martin Cognac Express (hereinafter referred to as the "Remy Martin Train") has landed in Xintidi, Shanghai, on Tuesday (Aug 26-Sept 4)

2022-09-22 14:06

With additives "back and gallop" Jane Eyre yogurt in the continuous trial and error

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- China has a long history of using additives, beginning with Youtiao and tofu. However, in recent years, 0 additive products have become a new trend in the market. The reason is nothing more than the improvement of consumers' awareness of healthy diet, which makes food additives many times

2022-09-22 14:06

Autumn growth golden period, Mengniu student milk nutrition help for health points

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- Quality-oriented education is still the focus of parents' attention in the second year of the "double reduction" policy, coinciding with the back-to-school season across the country. In the new semester, students not only need to pay attention to their own epidemic prevention and control, but also face the pressure of improving physical, mental, creative and other comprehensive abilities

2022-09-22 14:03

A cup of Golden milk 16 years of evergreen driving force -- ingenuity, renewal and warm heart, promote KOI Koyi milk tea to further into the future

Guangzhou, August 30, 2022 -- KOI(KOI Milk Tea)(hereinafter referred to as KOI Koi) officially welcomed its 200th store in China -- Shanghai Expo Source Store on August 30, 2022, marking a new decade of development for Koi Koi in China

2022-09-22 14:03

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