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BOE took the lead in mass production of the industry's first LTPS P0.9 glass-based MLED products

Guangzhou, December 28, 2022 -- At present, the market demand for commercial large screens, automotive and other high-end displays is growing. MLED has attracted the attention of the industry for its superior picture quality performance. LTPS(low temperature polysilicon) technology is based on its high mobility, fast response speed and small space proportion

2022-12-28 13:33

Plateau tomatoes "live" well, "drink" is also good, "transparent factory" "red fruit fruit" has childhood taste

Guangzhou, December 06, 2022 -- On October 28, more than 400 greenhouses in the Plateau modern Agriculture Industrial Park in Luhuo County, located in Shrimp Latuo town, Luhuo County, Ganzi Prefecture, looked like rows of "transparent factories", with scattered red and yellow tomatoes hanging on the branches and workers surrounded by green vines

2022-12-06 14:11

Better than the traditional bathers, the southern winter is saved

/ The Morning News/Guangzhou, December 05, 2022 -- Before you know it, winter has finally taken on its proper shape. The first cold wave of this winter affected most of the country. It not only caught those who brought "quick-freezing" cold to Guangdong by surprise, but also announced that Guangdong had fully entered the winter in the sense of meteorology. The long winter

2022-12-05 14:01

Common new Beiyang printer in life: multiple scenes enable a better life

Guangzhou, December 01, 2022 -- Printers are everywhere in our lives. Especially in recent years, with the development of the new model of "Internet Plus", printers have become an indispensable link for the normal operation of retail, catering, transportation, hotels, banks and other industries

2022-12-01 14:28

"National grain and oil, blessing Asian Games", COfCO Fulinmen hand in hand with Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

/ Aswentong/Guangzhou, November 24, 2022 -- On November 23, 2022, the "National Grain and Oil Blessing Asian Games" Hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games official designated edible oil release ceremony was held, CoFco Fulimen officially became the Hangzhou Asian Games official supplier of edible oil.

2022-11-24 15:16

View bamboo tea dance, into the painting environment, Anji Indigo hotel officially opened

Guangzhou, November 23, 2022 -- intercontinental Hotels Group today announced the official opening of Hotel Indigo Anji. Located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Anji Indigo Hotel is located in the well-known Anji Lingfeng National Tourism Resort, full of green and vigorous scenery and tea fragrance. Hotel traffic

2022-11-23 15:16

Yadu New humidifier helps Huawei Whole House 3.0 space, leading the new fashion of intelligent life

Guangzhou, November 22, 2022 -- On November 4, Huawei Developer Conference 2022(Together) kicked off in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Themed "Seeing the Future through Innovation", the conference shared with global developers the new achievements of Hongmeng Ecosystem,

2022-11-22 14:28

Financial personnel must see! What is the deduction for passenger transport services?

Recently, many financial personnel have encountered the same problem, not only to do the account declaration busy confused but also to interpret the new policy to the company's staff, don't worry, summed up for you - the purchase of passenger transport services how to deduct it? What are the passenger transport services? brigade

2022-11-14 15:52

[Bookkeeping] What procedures do you need to perform to pay personal labor fees?

Internet users said that companies often hire tutors temporarily, so they have to pay them for training. Lecture or service fees, which can range from 500 to 3,000 per session paid to an individual. Then what procedures should this branch go through to complete financial compliance with the labor fees paid to individuals? .no arrears

2022-11-14 15:49

Holliyou to sugar and wine meeting, a number of new product interpretation of the "heart" idea

Guangzhou, November 14, 2022 - From November 10 to 12, the 106th National Sugar and Wine Fair, which gathered famous enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions, was successfully held in Chengdu, sending confidence and strength to the industry to overcome the shock of consumption. Famous food enterprise Hao Liyou again

2022-11-14 14:11

Make gifts more temperature sense Morninglight Shenzhen gift show strength debut

Guangzhou, Nov 11, 2022 -- As the end of 2022 draws near, China's gift economy is showing strong resilience and vitality in the face of the upcoming Singles' Day, New Year's Day and Spring Festival. As one of the most professional, large-scale and popular industry events in China, the 30th China (

2022-11-11 14:49

Foshan Lighting was approved to set up a branch station of Foshan Enterprise post-doctoral scientific research workstation, attracting professionals to accelerate the transformation of achievements

Recently, with the approval of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee, Foshan Lighting was approved to set up Foshan Enterprise postdoctoral research station. The approval fully demonstrates Foshan Lighting's R&D and innovation strength and attaches great importance to talent and technological innovation. Postdoctoral research workstations are located in enterprises, scientific research and production institutions and special areas

2022-11-10 16:37

Nestle signed a contract with Bayer for a renewable agriculture project to build a low-carbon industrial chain from farm to table

Guangzhou, November 10, 2022 -- China's agricultural sustainable development gets high attention from multinational companies at the China International Import Expo According to a 2019 FAO study, the world's agri-food system is responsible for 31% of the total carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions; Here back

2022-11-10 14:19

Is it difficult to register a company? There are five steps to this

I'm sure a lot of people have this problem at the beginning of a startup. In the age of the explosion of advice, we are bombarded with long pieces of information every day. For example, if you search for registered companies on the Internet, there will be a lot of spam. You can't tell exactly what works for you. For really want to know

2022-11-08 17:18

SONY participated in the 20th CTE China Toy Fair and released toio™ visual children's Enlightenment programming learning solution

/ Aswuntong/Guangzhou, November 03, 2022 -- SONY (China) Education Department (hereinafter referred to as: SONY) exhibited at the 20th CTE China Toy Fair (Exhibition Hall No. 11, booth No. 11T07) in West China International Expo City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. At the show, SONY unveiled the t

2022-11-03 14:52

Yadu new pure humidifier hit the market, leading the high-end humidifier market

Guangzhou, November 02, 2022 -- In the era of consumption upgrading, the consumer demand for humidifiers is constantly developing towards the direction of quality and brand. Among them, the pure type humidifier has attracted extensive attention from inside and outside the industry with its characteristics of bacteria removal, health and intelligence, showing a steady improvement

2022-11-02 15:24

Four-dimensional Map new full power travel: oxygen supply travel network of ecological co-construction platform

Guangzhou, October 28, 2022 -- The current automobile revolution, the popularization of electrification, needs to rely on intelligence to drive. How to occupy a place in the intelligent battle of the new energy track, in October 21, Sivitu new's full electric travel "out of the Lingo future" strategy conference

2022-10-28 16:02

Frost's descent do not forget health, Yonghe soymilk with you through the late autumn

Guangzhou, October 24, 2022 -- Frost's Descent is the last solar term of autumn. During this period,

2022-10-24 14:23

Special times fresh oysters on the Beijing Satellite TV local food attracted attention

Guangzhou, October 17, 2022 -- On October 15, Tebi Fresh oysters were once again favored by Beijing Satellite TV's "Warm Taste", appearing on behalf of Rushan Oysters. In the program, Cui Kun, head of North China region of Special Times Fresh, first introduced the geography and culture of Rushan, his hometown.

2022-10-17 17:42

Fall Food preservation guide Samsung BESPOKE Bin Color Platinum Cross Door refrigerator unveils delicious secrets

Guangzhou, October 13, 2022 -- Confucius once said: Time and time, no food. In the daily diet of Chinese people, the "season" is quite particular, as the pronoun of harvest, warm mellow autumn has a lot of seasonal delicious. And for every dish that comes to the table, the ingredients

2022-10-13 16:33