Cheng Peng, new CEO of Siwei Map: Data closed loop is the second half of the decisive victory of the automobile intelligent network

2022-09-22 14:08 0

/ AsG/Sep 22, 2022 Guangzhou - With the rapid development of new business forms of intelligent connected vehicles, data security issues continue to attract the attention of relevant departments. In recent years, the country has begun to ensure data security legislation, data security compliance has risen to the national strategic height, the era of strong supervision is coming. On the other hand, the data contributed by cars in the process of use has become an important new power and fuel to promote the development of intelligent vehicles. Data closed loop is becoming an important subject and pain point for Oems and industry. On September 16, the World Intelligent Connected Automobile Conference was successfully held in Beijing. The conference was co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport and the China Association for Science and Technology. Cheng Peng, CEO of Siwei Tuxin, delivered a keynote speech titled "The Future Road of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Data Closed-loop" at the main forum.

4D new data compliance closed-loop solution helps OEM upgrade

Cheng Peng proposed that under the current predicament of data closed-loop, there is still a great room for improvement in the mining and application of automotive data. To solve the current problems, we first need professional third-party data compliance service providers who understand compliance, technology, application scenarios and are cloud-neutral. In addition, we also need an open and trustworthy data trading platform. Sidimensional Graph's new data compliance closed-loop solution is intended to help the industry solve this pain point. Among the many projects that have been implemented, it helps auto manufacturers to do a good job of development, operation and commercialization closed-loop relying on data and compliance safety. Backed by 20 years of professional data processing and management experience, Siwei has cooperated with dozens of automakers and suppliers to provide compliance solutions for the whole process from prototype vehicles to mass production vehicles, covering customer data collection, data transmission, data processing, data storage, data distribution, data use, quality control, high efficiency nationwide data acquisition capability and data desensitization compliance technology accumulation. The full life cycle of data destruction.

This year, Siwei Tuxin will also release a new and upgraded professional data closed-loop solution that meets various regulatory requirements and standards, integrates vehicle terminal and cloud, to help automobile enterprises realize higher efficiency on the basis of safety of intelligent travel related data, and escort the full life cycle of intelligent vehicle function development, testing and verification, and mass production.

Source: Corporate press release
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