"The Guardian of Yangcun 8 Heart World Adventure" is on the air, and the new theme idea has been praised! press release

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/PRZWT/Guangzhou, February 22, 2024 - In 2024, the cute and witty guardians of Yangcun are once again embarking on an unprecedented adventure! In "Yangcun Guardian 8 Heart World Adventure" (hereinafter referred to as: Yangcun Guardian 8), the sheep and sheep will lead everyone into the fantasy and surprise world of Big Wolf!

In order to stimulate the potential of the brain, Gray Wolf made a "brain wave machine", which is an important invention that can be explored in the brain. However, Gray Wolf was attacked by the subordinates of the wolf clan leader and was unconscious. In order to save Gray Wolf, Pleasant Goat and his friends entered the brain world of Gray Wolf with the help of the "brain wave machine" and embarked on an adventure full of unknowns. In this bizarre brain world, they traveled through various regions and made all kinds of interesting friends.

Brain World Adventure of Big Wolf

As an inventive king of a generation, Gray Wolf's mind would naturally be filled with all kinds of whimsical ideas. When the sheep entered the brain world of Gray Wolf, they were immediately deeply shocked by the scene in front of them. The brain world is not only vast, but also the functions of each region are very different.

The sheep and goats were the first to enter the imagination area, which was the most creative area in the world in the brain of the gray wolf. The gray wolf king appeared in a shocking hypercombustible form, and bravely fought off the monsters and saved the entire imagination area. This undoubtedly pushed the adventure story to an unprecedented climax, and the new image of the gray wolf also made fans excited.

In addition to the imagination area, there are many other interesting areas in the brain of the gray wolf. In the sports area, the sheep and sheep saw different forms of wolves - namely the tail, hands, feet, torso and neck of the gray wolf. In order to repair the sports area, the sheep and sheep went through a series of difficulties and obstacles, and finally succeeded in retrieving the captain of the sports area and rejuvenating the sports area.

In addition, as one of the most mysterious and complex areas in the world of the gray wolf's brain, in the abstract logic area, the sheep were caught in the dilemma of escape from the secret room. By completing the tasks of different secret rooms, they solved the layers of problems and finally escaped smoothly.

But the crisis was not completely lifted, and the melee in the brain world was also on the verge of breaking out. In the real world, the Gray Wolf family was also forced to be involved in the conspiracy of the wolf clan. Faced with such a ups and downs of the plot, fans were hooked and said that they couldn't stop chasing the drama!

The popularity of plot setting

In addition to unlocking different new areas in Big Wolf's brain, the Goats also unlocked unique and exclusive equipment. From Lazy Goat's infinite bread, Meiyangyang's dream transformation stick, to Boiling Goat's explosive racket, Warm Goat's space scissors, and finally Pleasant Goat's time controller. Each new equipment appearance is accompanied by a wonderful adventure and growth. These equipment not only greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of the Goats, but also make them more comfortable in the face of difficulties and challenges.

At the same time, the relationship between Gray Wolf and his family is also a major attraction in the Guardians of Sheep Village 8. Gray Wolf's mother, Silver Wolf, made its debut, and the mystery of Gray Wolf's life story also aroused heated discussions among the audience. Whether it is the warm affection with the seven wolves, the love with Red Wolf, and the deep love with Little Gray, Gray Wolf's endless love and protection for his family is touching, and also makes the audience feel the softness of Gray Wolf's heart, making the character image of Gray Wolf more three-dimensional and vivid.

Once the Goat Village Guardian 8 was broadcast, it was warmly sought after and highly praised by fans. Fans sometimes praised the wonderful performance of the Goat Village Guardian, and sometimes marveled at the powerful power of the gray wolf for love... Come and join this fantasy journey of the gray wolf brain world, grow, explore, and appreciate the power of love and courage with the sheep and sheep!

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