Toshiba's Newly Launched Gate-Driver IC for Automotive Brushless DC Motors Helps Improve Safety of Electrical Components

KAWASAKI, Japan--(PRZWT)--Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched

2023-03-02 09:41

Kioxia and HPE Team Up to Send SSDs into Space, Bound for the International Space Station

TOKYO--(PRZWT)--Kioxia Corporationtoday announced its proud participation in the Hewlett Packard Ent

2023-03-02 09:38

Shenzhen International Marathon Concludes Safe with Hytera Push-to-Talk Solution

SHENZHEN, China -- (PRZWT) --Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of prof

2023-02-23 09:45

Younger Twin Class Woosa Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new "Woosa" class is now available inBlack Desert Mobile. Woosa

2023-01-18 14:04

GUIDE FURURE expands the landscape its FinTech landscape, and ASIASENS INVESTMENT, the subsidiary has achieved the license for internet lending in Egypt

On22 December 2022, ASIASENS INVESTMENT, the wholly-owned subsidiary of GUIDE FURURE INTERNATIONAL,

2023-01-18 14:01

A new winter-themed Minecraft world for learning English arrives

Experts fromCambridge UniversityPress & Assessment have collaborated with Microsoft to launch a new

2023-01-18 13:58

JUVENESCENCE Appoints Dr Richard Marshall CBE as CEO

/PRZWT/Juvenescence has named Dr Richard Marshall CBE as its new CEO, effective 16 January 2023. Dr

2023-01-18 13:53

Lenovo Recognized for Global Manufacturing Leadership at World Economic Forum 2023

/PRZWT/At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Lenovo’s Hefei factory, LCFC, has been recogniz

2023-01-18 13:49

The seventh bell hin award announced new Auto | four-dimensional figure on the Map of forward-looking intelligent driving category

Guangzhou, December 28,2022 -- Recently, the 2022 China Automotive Supply Chain Summit opened in Wuh

2022-12-30 15:36

With AI New Year iBox start the second phase of AIGC competition to create New Year's Day new gameplay

Guangzhou, December 29, 2022 -- The first AIGC competition, iBox cleverly combined the popular AI co

2022-12-30 13:46

"Hello BOE" comes to a perfect end and "Screen of Things" initiates a new chapter of wisdom and a bright future

/ Morning News/Guangzhou, December 29, 2022 -- On December 28,BOE(BOE) "Hello BOE" O_SPACE Institute for Better Life made a major debut in Taikoo Li, a top fashion landmark in Beijing Sanlitun, accompanied by a thick New Year atmosphere, for this very uneven

2022-12-29 13:51

ugee Brand refresh upgrade to unlock new possibilities in the future

Guangzhou, December 29, 2022 -- On December 28, 2022, ugee, the world's famous digital writing brand

2022-12-29 13:48

How much do you know about accounting?

Accounting as accounting work, in fact, we should also know some knowledge, which can help our daily life more convenient, and then bring you some accounting knowledge. Accounting refers to the specific business of accounting, such as collecting, organizing, recording, calculating and reporting original documents. It requires specification

2022-12-28 14:09

What procedures do shareholders need to go through to change?

Shareholder change is followed by shareholder change, but the process of shareholder change is more complicated than simple shareholder change. So today will tell you how to make a shareholder change and what the procedures are. 1. Application for registration of company change signed by the legal representative (with the company's official seal upon receipt);

2022-12-28 14:08

Xia Jiantao, Quanying Technology: How to save 60 billion yuan a year for the thermoelectric industry?

/ Aswentong/Guangzhou, December 28, 2022 -- Xia Jiantao, founder and CEO of Quanying Technology, int

2022-12-28 13:37

Cangu won the "2022 Excellent Member of China Automobile Circulation Industry - Digital Transformation Award"

/ Assoc/Guangzhou, December 28, 2022 -- China's Automobile Distribution Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum was successfully held online from December 14 to 16. By virtue of its digital innovation achievements in the field of automobile trading, Cangu was awarded the Excellent Member of China's Automobile Circulation Industry -- Digital Transfer in 2022

2022-12-28 13:34

BOE took the lead in mass production of the industry's first LTPS P0.9 glass-based MLED products

Guangzhou, December 28, 2022 -- At present, the market demand for commercial large screens, automotive and other high-end displays is growing. MLED has attracted the attention of the industry for its superior picture quality performance. LTPS(low temperature polysilicon) technology is based on its high mobility, fast response speed and small space proportion

2022-12-28 13:33

New fashion skiing life, Jingdong New Department Store 2022 Nanshan Snow and Ice Carnival review

Guangzhou, December 27, 2022 -- From December 24 to 25, Jingdong New Department Store and Beijing Miyun Nanshan Ski Resort held the "Jingdong New Department Store 2022 Nanshan Snow and Ice Carnival" activity, to create a new fashion skiing life, a comprehensive upgrade of the activity site, with many brand merchants

2022-12-27 15:15

Technology transforms listening, Collier ®Kanso™ 2 all-in-one sound processor upgrades the innovative smart experience

Guangzhou, December 27, 2022 -- The Boao Licheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Hainan Province has registered 264 licensed imported medical devices *, taking the lead in realizing the "three synchronization" of medical technology, equipment and drugs with the international advanced level in China, with the help of Collier ®

2022-12-27 15:13

Yan universe and trend art collision, technology and aesthetics blend, beauty camera launched virtual clothes

/ Aswen News/Guangzhou, December 27, 2022 -- When Yan universe collides with fashion art, when techn

2022-12-27 15:11