HUAWEI Ads became the first comprehensive advertising platform in China to pass the international certification of TAG traffic anti-fraud

2022-07-27 09:19 0

/ Aswen News/July 26, 2022Guangzhou -- In July 2022, HUAWEI Ads officially obtained the CAF certificate issued by TAG, becoming the first comprehensive advertising platform in China to obtain this certificate. This marks that the traffic anti-cheating capability of HUAWEI Ads has been recognized by international authoritative organizations. It is another major breakthrough after HUAWEI Ads successfully passed the CMP Certification of IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (CMP ID 386) in March 2022. Further enhance the advertiser's trust and confidence in the platform. While TAG(Trustworthy Accountability Group) is an international association co-sponsored by the Federation of American Advertisers (4A's), the National Federation of Advertising Agencies (ANA), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). It now has more than 700 members and companies covering the entire digital advertising supply chain, including the world's influential brands, agencies, publishers and AD technology providers. TAG leads efforts to eliminate traffic fraud in the digital advertising space, analyze threats to the digital advertising ecosystem and share threat intelligence, set high standards in the industry, promote brand safety, and promote digital advertising transparency and integrity in the international market.

CAF(Certified Against Fraud, Digital Advertising Traffic Anti-Fraud) Certification project, initiated by TAG in 2016, focuses on evaluating the invalid traffic filtering capabilities and corresponding management and control capabilities of enterprises in the advertising field. TAG grants TAG CAF Certification Against Fraud Seal to enterprises that have passed the program certification.

In 2021, China Advertising Association reached cooperation with TAG, officially introduced CAF certification program, and entrusted Theil Laboratory of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology to provide testing and certification services to independently verify anti-fraud standards for enterprises operating in the Chinese market, and help prevent cheating in Internet advertising traffic in the Chinese market. For the brand safety escort, create a green ecological environment for digital advertising. To obtain CAF certification, Chinese enterprises need to go through strict quality review and testing by TAG, China Advertising Association and Tiel Laboratory of ICT. The technical implementation and management control of the anti-cheating module shall comply with the international traffic anti-fraud Certification specification "TAG Certified Against Fraud Guidelines V6.1" and the national standard "Interactive Advertising - Part 2: Release Verification Requirements (GB/T 34090.2-2017).

Therefore, obtaining a TAG CAF certificate is not an easy task. The certificate obtained by HUAWEI Ads is also a great benefit for advertisers, which can help them find the right delivery channel and reduce the loss caused by advertising cheating to a greater extent. At present, HUAWEI Ads has developed many anti-cheating rules, covering common cheating scenarios in black and ash industry, and cooperates with global mainstream three-party monitoring platforms to ensure data perfection and fairness.

HUAWEI Ads always takes the user as the center, adheres to the concept of "only quality", continuously develops and enables technology, and builds a more healthy and perfect advertising ecology. We look forward to joining hands with more industry partners to promote the development of Internet advertising industry towards the direction of standardization, transparency and integrity.

Source: Corporate press release
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