Rocket Monkey trend IP global Tour exhibition, head print first landing on NASDAQ screen!

2022-07-29 19:19 0

/ Daily News/July 28, 2022 Guangzhou -- The Nasdaq Screen in New York's Times Square, a landmark of culture and finance in the center of New York City, is located in Manhattan, New York City. It has a world status and fame and is known as the "crossroads of the world". It has a super visual impact advertising screen. Known as one of the "four prime advertising locations in the world", it is a super stage for the world's top companies to show their charm.

Recently, Rocket Monkey trend head print series landed strongly in Times Square, occupying the "world's first screen" NASDAQ screen. This marks the Rocket Monkey brand influence to a new level, strong and powerful brand strength.

The Rocket monkey story concept originated from Chinese culture, gunpowder is one of the four great inventions of China, and human space exploration is inseparable from the rocket! In today's digital age, the Chinese culture is spread to every corner of the universe with the seventy-two transformations of the Monkey King.

This trend head print series takes Chinese zodiac monkey as the design basis, and features the story content of faith on the left and faith on the right. It comes out of the sky and cleverly uses the integration of aerospace development and future technology. It carries the faith of ancient people and current heroes, as well as the infinite reveries of young people for future exploration. This series is designed by WOWSURPRISE, Wang Ze Studio and released by Small White Box authorized by Fire Holy Culture.

From the world's first spaceflight man 10,000 households, the first man-made Earth satellite Dongfanghong No. 1, to the present manned spaceflight, space station, and the future moon base, spacecraft, etc., the public can better appreciate the development of China's space.

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Today, Rocket Monkey trend head print series is dazzling on the NASDAQ world's largest screen, on a new level of internationalization, is a very important step to the overseas market, rocket monkey print head as the carrier, let young people to understand the space knowledge, pay tribute to the space culture!

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