Marketing ability continues to break out, fire bat e-commerce become Ali mother full link effect star sharp marketing partner

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/ Aswen News/August 18, 2022 Guangzhou - On August 15, 2022, Alibaba Mother m partner C private sharing meeting -- the special meeting for improving the efficiency of all-domain operation and ecological partners has been successfully held in Hangzhou. Mr. Zhong Yuqing, CEO of Huobat E-commerce, was invited to attend the meeting and explore the way of brand management with a group of C-position ecological leaders. At the same time, the meeting announced Ali mother full link effect star sharp marketing partners, fire bat e-commerce (full name: Wuhan Fire Bat E-commerce Co., LTD.) among them, fully highlight its digital marketing ability and influence of the e-commerce industry.

m partner, as the aggregation IP of the big e-commerce ecological economy created by Alibaba Mother, has proposed a cooperation model with reference value for brand ecological integration and other aspects, which is not only to cooperate with the head merchants and ecological partners to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem of integration and energy. It is to strengthen the industry capacity of ecological partners and link exclusive industry business conferences.

Private meeting, Ali mother released four integration strategy, from the perspective of people, goods, field heavy capacity upgrade, activate the effect and improve the new increment, linkage ecological partners to help brand businesses to build up. Mr. Zhong Yuqing, CEO of Huobat E-commerce, shared the core idea of "improving the efficiency of comprehensive operation" mentioned by Ali's mother: how to help the brand complete the smooth transition of transformation with the help of digital intelligence ability, which has become an important topic in the digital operation of brands. In the future, I hope to establish more frequent interaction with Ali Mom and carry out deeper cooperation. With the help of Ali Mom's digital technology capability, I will look for the possibility of products exploding, expand marketing boundaries for the brand and promote the growth of online business.

Now, as Ali Mama full link effect star sharp marketing partner Fire Bat e-commerce, with rich fine operation management experience and continuous investment in the field of generation operation, has established a stable and close cooperative relationship with more than 80 well-known brand partners. Based on years of experience in brand operation, technical service and data analysis, it can capture the new development trend and traffic outlet, focus on the main marketing demands of brand merchants, fully combine the brand stage and the store's characteristics of people and goods, accurately match platform resources, and organically integrate marketing and operation.

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It is worth mentioning that Fire Bat e-commerce in the field of marketing awards. No matter the winning award of m awards or the Marketing Service Award of Golden MAC Awards, Huobat E-commerce has not only won the favor of many brands, but also won the full recognition of industry authority by virtue of its deep and meticulous operation capability in the field of brand e-commerce, as well as professional and pragmatic operation and marketing services. For the future development, Fire Bat e-commerce will start from practical experience, continue to study and precipitation in the field of e-commerce, constantly improve the company's brand and technical competitiveness, release more ability value, to meet the diversified business needs of brand merchants, provide more accurate and effective marketing solutions for major partners, and help brand merchants find new business growth points.

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