What are the basic conditions for a registered limited liability company?

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A limited liability company is an enterprise legal person established in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China. The shareholders are responsible for the company according to their contribution limits, and the company is responsible for the debts of the company with all its assets.

 img title SRC = < br > < / p > < p > the basic condition of registered limited liability company? < / p > < p > 1. Company name that meets the requirements

Before applying for company registration, it shall apply to the department of industry and commerce for company name registration. Company name generally consists of four parts: administrative division + brand + industry characteristics + organizational form. < / p > < p > 2. Shareholders have to meet the requirements of < / p > < p > the number of shareholders should be lower than 1 (1) fifty (50), and qualification of shareholders should comply with the relevant requirements < / p > < p > 3. Eligible investment

Shareholders can use money and kind. Intellectual property rights. Land use rights. Except for equity and other non-monetary property that may not be contributed according to laws and regulations. Where an administrative regulation or a decision of The State Council provides otherwise on the minimum registered capital of a limited liability company, the relevant provisions shall be complied with.

Shareholders may independently formulate the articles of association according to law, and the articles of association shall state that "if the Articles of Association is inconsistent with the laws and regulations, the provisions of the laws and regulations shall prevail". The business scope of the articles of association shall indicate "the business scope approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce shall prevail


The residence you choose should be a legal building with a property title certificate, and the purpose stated on the property title certificate should be the same as that of the registered company.

If the business project you are engaged in belongs to the administrative regulations or the decision of The State Council, it must be approved. Whether it is the project of pre-examination and approval of the industrial and commercial registration or the project after approval, after the approval of the relevant department, you should carry out business activities in accordance with the approved content.

Registration limited company registration process?

1. Kernel name;

2. Register online;

3. Submit materials;

4. Check the site;


6. Handle basic household;

7. Handle tax registration;

8. Apply for tax verification;

Buy tax control machine;

10. Identification by the tax collector;

11. Go through the invoice subscription procedures;

Materials required for registration of a limited company?

1. Company name;

2. The original and photocopy of the property ownership certificate of the registered address of the company;

3. Original ID card of all shareholders, telephone number and email address;

3. Contribution ratio of all shareholders;

4. The company's business scope;

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