What are the requirements for simple cancellation of the company?

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As we all know, it's easier to start a company, but harder to cancel one. If you want to cancel the company, you usually opt for a simple cancellation. What is required for the company to simply cancel? How to do a simple cancellation? If you want to know, take a look!

one. Conditions for simple deregistration of the company

1. The type of simple deregistration of the company must be satisfied; For example, limited liability company. Non-corporate enterprise legal person. The sole proprietorship and partnership are the four types of corporations that are allowed to be written off as simple corporations.

2. Companies that have obtained business licenses from the local industry and commerce bureau but have not yet started operations;

3. The main body of the company does not bear the debts, or there is a debt problem but has fully paid the company;


Similar to the general company cancellation process, merchants also need to submit a simple cancellation request to the local Administration for Industry and Commerce, but each merchant and company can only submit a simple cancellation request. In other words, there is no second chance if the merchant's first application for a simple cancellation from the company is not approved. In order to ensure the success of the cancellation application, the merchant needs to be fully prepared. A simple cancellation process for a company can often be summarized as:

1. Merchants log in the announcement system to fill in the company's simple cancellation and submit an application, upload the Letter of Commitment of All Shareholders and Investors of the Company, and wait for the announcement of the system to be completed;

2. If no objection is raised within 45 days, the merchant's simple company cancellation can proceed to the next process;

3. Within one month after the end of the announcement period, the merchant shall submit the company's simple cancellation application and relevant materials to the local Administration for Industry and Commerce in written form, and wait for the approval of the Administration for Industry and Commerce;

4. The industrial and commercial Bureau will come up with the results within two months, issue the approval of the company's simple cancellation notice, the whole company's simple cancellation process is completed;

What is required for the company to simply cancel? How to do a simple cancellation? After reading the content of the above eight commandments of finance and taxation, I believe we all know! If you find it troublesome to cancel the company, you can appoint an agent.

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