Good news! Jiumu Group brand value over 100 billion!

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/ Aswen News/July 27, 2022 Guangzhou -- On July 26, World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) Lab hosted the 19th "World Brand Conference" held in Beijing, the conference released the 2022 "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" analysis report, the brands of Jiumu Group together with the State Grid, Haier, Tencent, Huawei and other brands on the list of China 500 most valuable brands, and the brand value of 110.738 billion, leading the Chinese sanitary ware, 1 Ranked first in the industry for 2 years, the industry's first brand value exceeded 100 billion!

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World Brand Lab was founded in 2003 by Robert Mundell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and the "father of the euro". It is recognized as one of the world's three major brand value assessment agencies, and the "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" list is known as the product of China The "Oscar" of cards. In this year's conference, Jiumu ranks the first in the industry with its brand value of over 100 billion. The leap-forward growth of its brand value delivers the new strength of Chinese brands, and sets up a high-quality model for the whole industry with the digital innovation model made by Jiumu.

The conference focused on the theme of "Qi and Momentum: How to Rebuild the Brand Ecosystem". Prof. Steve Woolgar, head of the World Brand Lab and Professor of Marketing at the University of Oxford, UK, delivered the opening speech. Prof Steve Woolgar said, "Brand is the image of a country. I hope more people around the world can know the story of China through Chinese brands. Over the past 17 years, I have witnessed the rapid growth of Chinese brands, some of which have become influential in the world. These brands include State Grid, Haier, Sinochem, China Resources, China Southern Power Grid, Jiumu Group, etc."

Jiumu actively promotes the strategic layout of internationalization. With the strategic layout of single-focus, multi-brand, internationalization and whole-house solution, Jiumu leads the international development of China's sanitary ware industry, and takes a solid step to promote China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.

Innovation driven, strength benchmarking

Prof. Elie Ofek, Prof. Martin KILDUFF, Harvard Business School, and Dr. Martin Chidduff, University College London Martin Kilduff, Prof. Ravi Dhar, Yale School of Management, and Prof. Pierre Chanden, Insead Chandon, Professor Wang Jing from the School of Management of Furen University in Taiwan, and Dr. Chu Xuping, former director of SASAC Research Center and researcher of China Enterprise Research Center of Tsinghua University, attended the conference. The experts and professors at the conference gave high recognition to the development of Jiumu brand. "As the embodiment of an enterprise's core competitiveness, a brand is not only an intangible asset, but also a complex ecosystem," said Ding Haisen, CEO of the World Brand Lab. Jiumu continues to operate the brand ecosystem, build brand image with brand story, brand experience, consumption experience, brand social responsibility and other all-round aspects, gather momentum and set up a national brand benchmark.

Innovation in energy conservation and emission reduction, intelligent manufacturing sustainable development. In the past 32 years, Jiumu has adhered to digital innovation and created the world's largest smart toilet lighthouse factory. Through photovoltaic power generation, design emission reduction, water saving and emission reduction, it can reduce carbon emissions by 18,000 tons per year and achieve the goal of zero carbon, which helps China's economy to transform to energy saving, environmental protection, green and low-carbon, contributes green power to the realization of 2060 carbon neutral vision, and leads the sustainable development of the global bathroom industry Exhibition.

Fulfill our responsibilities as a national tide and build a beautiful China. Jiumu never forgets its original intention, cares for the vulnerable groups, comprehensively promotes the construction of barrier-free cities, and provides all-round barrier-free health space for special groups. In conjunction with the China Association of Volunteers for Disabled Persons and the Society for the Development of Disabled Persons, China has explored new modes of socialized, systematic and diversified operation of barrier-free environment construction, and promoted the intelligent upgrading of barrier-free cities.

Go deep into the front line of the fight against the epidemic and shoulder the national responsibility bravely. During the epidemic, Jiumu immediately came to the aid of various epidemic areas, fully supported Wuhan makeshift Hospital, and won the praise of CCTV with 60 hours of rush to install health sanitary products. Actively participate in the construction of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, fully support the donation of sanitary products and installation guidance; The "anti-epidemic volunteer team" was assembled to support the maintenance and repair of sanitary products in Shanghai makeshift hospitals, and the national responsibility and brand strength were used to build the epidemic prevention shield.

To the future, to the good. In the future, Jiumu will remain true to its original intention, be pragmatic and practical, lead national brands out of a high-quality development road embracing the digital economy, and show the core strength of Chinese brands to the world with Guocao boutique products!

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