National authoritative publishing house published "China Brand Story" series of books food edition

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/ Aswentnews/August 05, 2022 Guangzhou -- The compilation of the food edition of the first series of Chinese brand Stories published by the national authoritative publishing house is officially started. The book only includes the food brands that have been featured on CCTV.

In the process of high-quality development of China's economy, brand building is indispensable. The Party Central Committee and The State Council also attach great importance to brand development. In the past seven years, the awareness of brand development in the whole society has been enhanced, and the atmosphere for brand development has become increasingly strong. A number of self-owned brand enterprises supported by Chinese products, Chinese technology and Chinese standards have been growing and growing. Deepening supply-side structural reform through brand building has become an important practice to promote high-quality development.

As China shifts to a high-quality development stage, residents' income levels continue to grow, the trend of consumption upgrading is accelerating, quality of life, consumption brand, the people have put forward higher requirements to meet the needs of a better life. Chinese brands are more and more recognized by domestic consumers. On the one hand, due to the rapid development of China's production and manufacturing links, the birth of a large number of domestic brands widely respected by the market has been fostered. Enterprises in response to consumer demand, produce more national brand products with novel design, excellent performance and excellent quality, promote the release of consumption upgrade potential energy acceleration. Promote the formation of independent brand consumption of a new boom; On the other hand, with the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and national self-confidence, consumers, especially the younger generation of consumers, are becoming more confident in their culture, their consumption concepts are becoming more rational, their consumption tendencies are changing, and they are paying more attention to the cultural connotation contained in Chinese brands, thus promoting Chinese brands to gradually become the backbone of the domestic consumer market.

How to jointly establish a global influence of the catering brand is a very worthy of exploration. In the context of the transformation and upgrading of catering industry, brand diversification has become a popular business model. Driven by the Internet, some emerging catering brands continue to strengthen consumers' taste and recognition, forming a situation of a hundred flowers blooming with traditional catering old brands. On the one hand, the old brands enrich the product content, innovate the service form, rely on the old brand as endorsement, and constantly create new brands; On the other hand, the new brand has proved its influence with the comprehensive profitability of the enterprise on the basis of detonating the consumption hot spot and leading the catering fashion. In the future, the influence of brands will be even greater. The continuous emergence of emerging brands not only shocks the market, but also brings more fresh blood and possibilities to the catering industry. If the industry status is not high enough in the catering industry can have enough brand awareness, we can see the importance of brand construction in China.

The most extreme taste in the world is always the taste of hometown, and the memory of food is always long and distant. To this end, we use food to rediscover our hometown and other places, showing the extensive and profound Chinese food culture in an all-round way. In this context, the book aims to find, record and display the outstanding enterprises, pioneers and the touching stories behind the food in the catering industry, explore the relationship between Chinese people and food, show the outstanding catering enterprises to seize opportunities, innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence of the powerful force, tell the story of excellent catering brands to more people, let excellent catering brands deeply rooted in the hearts of people. At one table after another, people not only witness the birth, growth, reunion and parting of life, but also make people appreciate this ancient Oriental country through the food. At the same time, it also provides more guidance and reference for more catering enterprises in the process of innovation and creation, brand growth and enterprise development.

This series of books plans to issue 20,000 copies, some of which will be displayed in Xinhua bookstores around the country, and some will be donated to primary and middle schools around the country as public welfare activities. The aim is to let more people learn the stories of excellent catering brands at an early age, understand the long history behind the food, and pay more attention to the cultural connotation of Chinese catering brands. Also let more primary and secondary school students learn to realize the importance of Chinese brands, continue to promote the development of Chinese brands, so that Chinese brands gradually become the backbone of the domestic consumer market.

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Behind a successful brand, there must be a touching brand story.

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