Wyke data helps Poly's "smart Case Field" quickly land and reach more than 300w customers

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/ Aswuncom/August 10, 2022 Guangzhou -- Weke Data received tens of millions of dollars of C1 round of financing led by Poly Capital in December 2021, and won the award of "TOP10 Best Investment Cases in China's AI and Big Data Industry in 2021" this year. During the Spring Festival, the digital iteration of Poly Development Holdings was officially released by the Poly team and the national directly owned housing platform "Poly Yunhe +" developed by Weike Data.

The repeated outbreaks of COVID-19 since 2022 have exacerbated the uncertainty of the industry's development.

According to CRIC data, from the cumulative performance from January to April, the overall performance scale of the top 100 real estate enterprises decreased by 50.2% year-on-year, the decline was further expanded than the first quarter. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Economy issued by The State Council, developing digital economy is a strategic choice to seize the new opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, an important embodiment of national comprehensive strength in the digital era, and an important engine for building a modern economic system.

At present, digital transformation has undoubtedly become a new way for real estate enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and achieve "sustainable and quality growth". As a state-owned enterprise, Poly Development Holding has always been firmly implementing the national strategy, with the vision of building a highly competitive real estate ecological platform, and making considerable contributions to promoting industrial innovation, urban development and people's better life. 1. Digital case marketing to reduce customer acquisition cost

In December 2021, the enterprise digital customer management service provider "Only Customer Data" has become one of the important layout of Poly Capital in the science and technology track, and won the C1 round financing of tens of millions of dollars led by Poly Capital Science and Technology Fund and Bubi Industrial Chain Fund. With a better understanding of real estate business scenario solutions and landing ability, 7 of the TOP10 real estate enterprises choose only customer data.

Poly Development Holdings, through the "Poly Yunhe +" marketing digital platform project, contributes to the realization of brand vision, transforms its strong offline sales capability into a comprehensive customer service capability that combines online and offline, improves the private domain transaction transformation and sales process management ability, and promotes business growth.

In the past, Poly Development Holdings mainly adopted the third-party SaaS property purchase tool, combined with the third-party agent operation mode. On the one hand, customer data is difficult to precipitate, marketing costs are high, it is difficult to meet the requirements of cost reduction and efficiency; On the other hand, as a central enterprise, with the increasing complexity of enterprise data, the requirements for data security are also higher.

Therefore, Poly Development Holdings chose to replace the SaaS system with the privatized "Poly Cloud and +" digital marketing platform, transforming from the third-party agent operation mode to self-operation and maintenance. In terms of strategy, based on the three major scenarios of "online soliciting customers", "channel promoting customers" and "transferring customers from case to case", the paper proposes online marketing, channel and case to improve the efficiency of each link of "acquisition-channel-transferring", and finally build an efficient and transparent "intelligent case" of house purchase.

The project was initiated in April 2021, and 340 projects came online eight months later. After the national House Purchase Holiday on May 1, more than 1,300 projects across the country were successfully brought online. In the four months since the promotion of "Poly Cloud Plus", the cumulative number of customers has reached more than 3 million, and the two capabilities of customer acquisition and transformation have been greatly improved, and the marketing capability of the case has been comprehensively improved.

Two, "intelligent case field" cloud and +, dynamic delivery, precision marketing

(a) online marketing, comprehensive link, improve the ability to get customers

< P > In the past, the operation personnel need to through all kinds of delivery, multi-touch customer, from the public domain to the online sales office, For example, Baidu system, Tencent system, byte system and other platforms, there are usually two problems:

First, the data of each platform is independent, operation personnel need to log in multiple background to complete the launch and staring, at the same time, when the multi-platform data comparative analysis, mainly rely on manual export, complete summary, low efficiency;

Second, the rules of each platform are different, and some data may not be seen until the next day, which is not conducive to timely adjustment of the launch strategy.

Now, through the establishment of a unified advertising marketing platform, docking the release data of various channels, get rid of the ability to rely on third-party advertising platforms, one account can manage all channels. At the same time, the background data refresh in real time, visual Kanban intuitive comparison data, to facilitate the operation staff will focus more energy on the delivery, timely and dynamic adjustment of the delivery strategy, constantly improve the marketing accuracy, gradually improve the ROI of marketing activities.

(2) Online channels, multi-scene coordination, improve offline customer acquisition ability

Offline channels, a variety of marketing activities coexist, force free agents, old owners, internal employees, distribution brokers, self-expansion team and other roles to attract customers, platform intelligent judge, truly become a "national broker". Make valid customer information available for each scenario.

1. All brokers are easy to recommend, fast spread, easy to inquire, early commission settlement, transparent transaction process, so that each broker can earn commission;

2. On-line extension task process, real-time supervision of implementation process, to ensure the realization of self-extension goals;

3. Channel from promotion to attract customers to online business operation to avoid offline risks and reduce marketing costs.

(3) The case online, the process standardization, improve the case conversion ability

Around the case sales funnel, from the customer resource pool, effective customers, prospective customers to transaction customers, to achieve the standardization and fine case management of each layer, precise forcing, improve the case conversion ability.

1. Effectively subdivide customers through customer behavior data, combine marketing and ace sales experience, precipitation standardized follow-up steps and words, and improve the conversion rate of real estate consultants;

2. Move the opening site into the mobile phone, break through the physical space limit, timely follow up the transformation, and improve the opening denitrification rate;

3. Non-sensing capture, more accurately lock their own potential customers, avoid the case field flying orders, reduce customer costs;

4. Online payment and subscription are not subject to the constraints of distance and time, and customers can complete the transaction at any time and anywhere without leaving their homes, which improves the house-buying experience of customers.

(4) Precipitation FAQ, "help and guide" mode to accelerate the implementation of project promotion

"Poly Yunhe +" marketing digital platform from the start of development to launch, time is tight and the task is heavy. By adhering to the value of "customer success", we reorganized the professional delivery team to overcome the technical difficulties and successfully completed the first stage of delivery.

But from the perspective of project success, product delivery is only the first step. How to quickly let business staff use it? It is also critical to complete the pilot quickly and expand it to the whole country.

Under the strong support of Poly Development Holdings, the project team of "Poly Cloud He +" formulated a complete set of guidelines for the system's launch, which helped the internal staff and promotion team quickly understand the system, rules and how to use in the form of "seed players" and "guidance", and finally completed the national project launch plan as scheduled. < / p > < p > < b > 3, comply with the new trend in the digital transformation of < / b > < / p > < p > now, with poly team but guest data development "poly clouds and +" digital marketing platform: < / p > < p > 1. Operation staff can efficiently complete the marketing of customer circle selection, strategy configuration and accurate reach;

2. Multiple offline channels can coexist, the interests of all parties are guaranteed, and commissions can be easily earned in the online way of the whole process;

3. Real estate consultants can accurately understand customer needs, combine tools to enable them to quickly transform into orders. Finally realize the marketing customer "get - channel - transfer" each link efficiency greatly improved.

In order to comply with the new operating rules of the real estate industry and the trend of "de-financialization, manufacturing, extreme specialization, function civilianization, intensifying differentiation of competition pattern", digital transformation must be taken as the only way to achieve high-quality development.

< /p>

In the long run, Poly Development Holdings' pioneering layout and continuous promotion in the digital transformation circuit will help it benefit from the new round of technological revolution and industrial change trend.

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