Only customer data to help Fang Tai achieve short video marketing mode

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/ Daily News/August 04, 2022 Guangzhou -- Is it possible to copy the poster fission marketing model that has been popular all over the country in the past to short videos?

Fontai Group gave the answer.

The offline traffic is reduced due to the online trend of user consumption. Coupled with the repeated epidemic, how to obtain effective traffic has been the direction of the offline pan-retail industry to explore.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, Fotai Group takes the lead in marketing. When the epidemic broke out in Guangzhou in June last year, Guangzhou Fangtai Group (a branch of Fangtai Group) took the lead in launching a short video marketing plan for all employees, encouraging employees, especially front-line shopping guides, to spread the traffic through video numbers.

However, the implementation process is not smooth sailing, how to ensure the continuous output of quality content? How to effectively monitor the landing effect, so that the flow can be visible? These problems gradually emerged after the program was launched.

After in-depth research and selection, Fang Tai found that the market is more around advertising, Internet celebrities, TVC and other scenes of operation service providers, based on the scene of purchasing guide and customer, at the same time to provide content operation + video number distribution management tools, but only customer just can do it.

Therefore, Fangtai introduced the "only link customer" short video marketing platform, to help Fangtai realize the "like is traffic, all KOC" video era new mode, reduce internal collaboration and guide with customer costs, private marketing to enhance brand power, single rate.

This article will explain in detail how to make full staff marketing effective landing through video number, and achieve continuous transformation.

1. Change the form of "political task" and refuse the illusion of full marketing.

When the brand releases the video number, the company usually requires all the staff to forward it. However, at the data level, the company can see the page views, likes and forwarding, but the actual transaction conversion data is not clear.

This kind of circle of friends is equivalent to "free advertising space", it is difficult to have practical help for the improvement of employees' personal image and performance. Once the number of times is too much, the motivation of employees' forwarding is naturally insufficient, which cannot achieve the purpose of full marketing.

This cooperation is to change this way, so that employees can operate their own content with the help of the platform, so that each person activated traffic belongs to their own. Improve employee motivation by giving them a sense of value.

In short, it is combined with the current most popular short video form, continue the individalization, spreading power and traceability of fission poster, and truly realize the full marketing.

2. Continuous output of high-quality video, one click to leverage the private domain traffic of employees

At the beginning, Fangpacific tried to let employees carry out active marketing to the customers of the construction union, hoping to bring the transformation of new business with the help of the mode of video number "like" with traffic.

But the reality is that the store staff is generally older, many of them stay in the terminal store all the time, do not know how to shoot video, do not know what content to shoot. Even if there is a small amount of output, the quality is uneven, unable to achieve effective brand communication.

Therefore, the first problem of content production and distribution is solved by Weike. Using our own ecological cooperation resources, we can make short videos for different scenarios such as publicity, use and after-sales for 20-30 products mainly promoted by Fpacific.

At the distribution level, the video number itself does not provide an interface, but after nearly two months of efforts, finally overcome the technical difficulties of content distribution. Now, as long as the material is uploaded to Weilianke, the operation staff can release it to the video number of all employees with one click, realizing the unified brand image and rapid coverage of the external and private domains. < / p > < p > < b > 3. To real-time feedback from manual monitoring, data collection so simple < / b > < / p > < p > how to monitor employees released video? Before the weblink is launched, the Marketing Department will require employees to save the released screenshots, and then collect them one by one and summarize them manually. This pure manual way is inefficient, and the Marketing Department itself has to plan activities, pricing, sales strategy, sample delivery and other work.

Employees do not shoot videos, so it is difficult for the Marketing Department to recover data. Many reasons eventually lead to the full marketing is difficult to land, but also unable to achieve the purpose of drainage and transformation.

Now, the distribution data of all videos can be visually seen through the only guest back desk. Operators can also set up like, forward and other tasks, the background automatically pull the list, at a glance. The workload of Marketing Department and store staff is greatly reduced, and the cooperation degree of all departments is naturally higher.

At the same time, considering the actual business scenario, in order to protect the interests of each region and channels, avoid customer complaints. However, Lianke also classives the management of video number into the organizational structure to ensure that product materials, organizational structure, individuals, data, etc. can be bound accordingly, and each region has its own communication content and data.

4. Bring your own business card to shape the whole staff KOC, from don't want to turn to the initiative to

full marketing emphasis on personalized. In the past, employees forwarded brand videos in the same way. If the customer did not note the name of the employee, it would be easy to pass as an advertisement, and it would also be difficult to deepen the customer's personal impression.

Fang Tai uploads the employee image and real employment data to Vilink Customer. Whether it is a one-click distribution of the video, or the staff through the material library self-release, will automatically carry personal business cards. This approach not only makes brand marketing more professional, but also helps employees to shape their personal image and achieve a "win-win" benefit for both enterprises and employees.

5. The conversion link is simple and clear, and the data can be realized.

< P > In the past, many pan-retail enterprises, especially the consumer goods enterprises, will invest millions of budget in the offline advertising channel every year. Although there is no actual conversion data, but considering the fierce competition in the industry, and there is no more effective channel alternative, we dare not not to invest.

Nowadays, with the rise of social media, brand + terminal shopping guide can form a communication network, realizing the surge of communication and visible input and output.

Considering that the closed-loop transformation of the video number has not been completely built, it cannot directly hang the commodity link like Douyin and other platforms. Therefore, in order to make the conversion link simple and clear, supports activities to guide the "like"/" forward "video to obtain coupons. At the same time, it can track the records of users and traffic sources, as well as the complete behavior and data from browsing to code scanning transformation, so as to calculate the ROI from transmission to transformation.

At the same time, the whole process data can also assist the operation staff to optimize the content and campaign strategy, and continuously improve the ROI of the whole staff marketing. In short, employees are more active in stimulating private traffic, bringing growth to the company, and at the same time, they are rewarded for their own performance.

In addition to the above five scenes, compared with the picture transmission will bring information loss rate, professional videos can better integrate the highlights of products into the real scene, so that what customers see is what they get, narrow the distance between products and customers, so that the cost of communication between shopping guides and customers becomes lower.

Meanwhile, store employees used to spend a quarter of their time training on various products, but with the entire set of videos, employees learn on their own. It not only reduces the training cost of enterprises, but also improves the willingness of new employees to speak.

Up to now, Lianke has covered Fangtai 76+ stores and released more than 6000+ videos, which has played an effective role in many business scenarios such as sales communication, private domain transformation, brand publicity and sales management.

< /p>

Zhang Zhongcheng, general manager of Fangpacific Guangzhou Branch, said: "But the help of Lianke short video full staff marketing platform for store performance improvement is obvious. From a small point of view, the implementation of the new mode of praise is traffic, so that the video number conversion can be relied on; From the big aspect, with the help of digital technology and data capabilities, we have seized the opportunity of video number marketing, and also inspired the sense of value of our employees through the concept of "everyone is KOC". In the future, we look forward to working with Weike again to explore more possibilities of digital marketing."

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