Cheng Peng, new CEO of Siwei Map: "New" ideas of data confirmation, data security and data closed loop

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August 29, 2022 GUANGZHOU -- With the approval of The State Council, the 4th World Congress is jointly hosted by China Association for Science and Technology, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, the People's Government of Hainan Province, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Transport, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Energy Administration World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC2022) will be held on August 26-28 in Beijing and Hainan in a combination of online and offline. With the theme of "Comprehensive Electrification and Global Cooperation under the Vision of Carbon Neutrality", the conference invited representatives from governments, industries, universities and research institutes from all over the world to hold discussions.

As the keynote speaker at the main forum of the conference, Cheng Peng, CEO of Siweitu, delivered a keynote speech "Behind the car intelligence: Data right confirmation, data security and data closed loop".

From software-defined cars to data-driven development, the data that cars contribute during their use has become an important new driving force in the industry. But at the same time, data security has become a growing challenge. In his speech, Cheng said data compliance will help automakers strike a balance between compliance with government regulations and commercial value, and form a truly secure data loop.

In the breakout period of smart cars, data is the new fuel

Cheng Peng believes that the essence of the revolution of new energy vehicles is the transformation of two aspects: one is the energy, from the traditional fossil fuel to electric drive; The second is the data from nothing, from less to more, and finally form a closed loop.

With the deepening of automobile intelligence, the role of automobile for users has broken through the simple travel tool. In the future, intelligent automobile will become an immersive mobile digital world, and will also become a new intelligent touch point. The valuable data generated in this process will also increase in scale.

Cheng Peng pointed out that smart car, as a "third space" intelligent terminal that takes into account personal consumption and industrial data, spatial-temporal information integration and interaction after smart phone, its intelligent driving intelligence, interactive intelligence, service intelligence, spatial intelligence and other intelligence, let people full of imagination.

But the rapid development of the new model has brought new problems. Based on 20 years of experience in the automobile travel data industry, Cheng Peng said that there are three major problems to be solved: the first is the problem of data ownership, that is, the ownership of data collection, processing and use; The second is data security, information security issues; The third is data closed-loop problem. Automobile data security involves many links and is a complex system engineering, but it is also one of the key factors that determine product competitiveness, experience and commercialization.

data compliance, helps automobile factory and the government to form a safe closed loop of data

At present, our country is in a rapid development period of digital economy, the data as a basic resource has been integrated into each link of the society, changing people's way of production and life. In recent years, the country has begun to legislative protection of data security, data security compliance has risen to the national strategic height, the era of strong supervision is coming.

Closed loop of data service is not only related to legal issues, data as a production factor, it is related to the progress of the future economy, it is imperative to establish a data security compliance system.

Therefore, Cheng Peng proposed that under the predicament of data closed-loop at the present stage, the mining and application of automobile data still have great room for improvement. To solve the current problems, we need professional third-party data security service providers who understand compliance, technology, application scenarios and customer needs. In addition, we also need an open and trustworthy data trading platform.

Four-dimensional graph new data security closed-loop solution is intended to help the industry solve this pain point. In the projects that have been implemented, it helps auto manufacturers to do a good job of development, operation and commercialization closed-loop relying on data, compliance and safety, and helps customers improve user experience. This year, Siwei Tuxin will also release a new and upgraded professional data closed-loop solution that meets various regulatory requirements and standards, integrates the vehicle terminal and the cloud, to help automobile enterprises realize higher efficiency of intelligent travel related data on the basis of safety, and escort the full life cycle of intelligent vehicle functional development, testing and verification, and mass production.

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