It is said that Apple is in negotiations with suppliers to produce MacBooks in Thailand

2023-04-14 14:26 0

(PRZWT)-On April 14th, according to foreign media reports, Apple is reportedly in negotiations with suppliers to produce MacBooks in Thailand. The participating suppliers are discussing the possibility of assembling and producing MacBook components and modules in Thailand, as part of the company's continued efforts to expand its manufacturing business outside of China and diversify its supply chain.

In the past few years, as Apple has diversified its supply chain, it has expanded its supply chain to regions outside of China, such as India and Vietnam. Later, the company expanded its supply chain to Thailand.

Previously, there were rumors that Apple had transferred some of its Apple Watch production from China to Vietnam. Now, according to sources, the company has been mass-producing the Apple Watch in Thailand for over a year.

In October 2022, Apple analyst Guo Mingxuan stated that Apple may transfer some MacBooks to Thailand for production in the future.

A few days later, foreign media reported that Apple was planning to shift production of its MacBook series products to Thailand, making the country the main production base for the product category outside of China.

At that time, it was also reported that Hon Hai, the supplier of the Mac, had a production base in Vietnam, and it was rumored that the company was already conducting a trial production of the MacBook for Apple.

Now, new reports say that in order to reduce excessive dependence on China, Apple is discussing the production of MacBooks in Thailand with three suppliers.

An executive from one of the suppliers said, "Ideally, Apple would require us to follow the footsteps of other suppliers and establish a MacBook factory in Vietnam, but we offer another option, which is to produce products in our Thai factory, where there is still a lot of room

Another supplier has stated that it is building a new factory for Apple in Thailand to produce Macbooks and other products, and the new factory is expected to be completed this year.

An executive from another supplier stated that the company has established a Macbook trial production line in Thailand, but is still searching for a piece of land in Vietnam as a backup plan.

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